Authentic Heartwork is a company that provides the art experience to venues all across New York. Currently our Pop-Up Shop travels to clients  providing step-by-step instructions for everyone to create their own masterpiece. The company supplies all materials needed to paint with, such as; Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes, etc. 

The goal of Authentic Heartwork is to connect with diverse communities through art by using multi-faceted platforms. Authentic Heart work caters to children, young adults, adults and seniors, Art has no limits and Authentic Heartwork - Art from the Heart, encourages an atmosphere that inspires creativity using Visual Arts as a form of expression. Individuality is celebrated and clients take away a feeling of fulfillment for their bravery to venture off into a world of Art, by creating paintings and tapping in to unlimited potential, many Artists will be born.

The Artist Celicia and her staff provide a unique experience and has managed to tour New York bringing to fruition over 300 paint party events in 2 short years. and has painted with over 2,000 people. The Artist and her staff continues to provide artistic support to future Artists as well by introducing them to her intrinsic art circle. She selflessly explores avenues that create opportunitiies for upcoming Artists like herself. The Artist believes wholeheartedly in the "each one teach one" principle. Authentic Heartwork also performs as an Artist Representative for other current Artists as well. For more information if you are an Artist, please send us an email on our CONTACT FORM