About Us

The goal of Authentic Heartwork is to connect with diverse communities through art by using multi-faceted platforms. Authentic Heart work caters to children, teens, adults and seniors. We believe Art has no limits and Authentic Heartwork - Art from the Heart, encourages an atmosphere that inspires creativity using Visual Arts as a form of expression. Individuality is celebrated and clients take away a feeling of fulfillment for their bravery to venture off into a world of Art, by creating paintings and tapping into unlimited potential, many Artists will be born as they create Art from the Heart.

We built a thriving business from scratch and we are proud to offer the highest quality resources on the market today. We put lots of love and careful, dedicated attention in our products and services. We hope you enjoy creating Art with us as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!

We are proud to be a NAACP award recipient for our excellent community service. As a MWBE and PANYNJ certified company our services also include programs and workshops for schools and organizations. In addition we have a special dedicated team of artists who create murals for airports and municipal buildings nationwide.

At Authentic HeartWork, Art From The Heart, the sky is not the limit, it is simply the view.